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Pool Table Outside Our Story

Our Story

Hi. First of all thank you so much for taking the time to browse our website and we do hope you like what you see. Just a little background information about Ric and I and how we eventually ended up with our dream Enchanted Manor.

We first met in Australia in 1998 when I was going to emigrate over there, but because of circumstances I had to return to England and Ric soon followed. At the time I was trying to sell my hotel on the Island to move to Australia, but when Ric arrived fate seemed to take over and he just loved the Island. It was amazing as he had spent most of his life fishing and pioneered the first Mussel farm in Western Australia, but immediately he took to hotel life like a fish to water (excuse the pun!)

Our First B&B

We wanted to do something new together and we first bought a run down restaurant and turned it into a lovely very special victorian tea room and restaurant and we then built together a beautiful stone thatched luxury B&B which became the first 5 star accommodation on the Isle of Wight, we only had 3 suites, but enjoyed it so much.

We had not intention at that stage of buying anything else, but friends kept urging us to come and look at the Windcliffe Manor as it was called then, and although it was very run down and unloved as soon as we walked through the door we both knew it was where we should be. I looked at Ric and said how Enchanting it was and that was the beginning of the creation of our Enchanted Manor.

At the time we had no idea how we would be able to buy it, but because of what we had done in the past our bank manager had faith in us and lent us the money. Everything else seemed to follow,but of course not with out problems but we never give up!

Homes Under the Hammer

We bought it at auction and Homes under the Hammer were filming and they followed our project through and even from the beginning we had so many lovely people contact us and we knew we were doing the right thing.

Then I went into a card shop and saw Josephine Walls beautiful cards and she became the inspiration for our Enchanted theme and since then we have become great friends and people all over the world come to see her artwork at the Manor. Her daughter in law Johanna has also painted the beautiful murals and Jo's husband Bob has made all the wonderful stained glass , that goes so well with the theme.

We have lovingly restored the old manor and created very special haven for couples looking for somewhere different from run of the mill accommodation, in a friendly atmosphere with first class facilities in luxurious but unique surroundings. Ric and I personally look after all our guests and just want to make it a very special experience, which makes us so happy when our guests return home.


Enchanted Story

The former Windcliffe Manor was built in 1838 by the Kirkpatrick family whom date back to AD1124 and moved to the Island in 1704.

They were close friends of the Royal family and were bankers from Scotland. The strange thing was that the Josephine Wall painting that we chose for our logo, was the same as the logo on the Kirkpatrick banknotes which were produced centuries earlier.


South East Awards Night with Jenny Powell

The manor stayed in the family until 1962 when the last daughter of the generation died. It was visited frequently by the Royal family and Marconi set up the first radio station on the Kirkpatrick estate, where the very first radio broadcast was made.

There were at least 15 servants at the manor and there are hidden staircases that have now been blocked in. At the bottom of the road are a row of lovely little cottages where some of the servants lived.

Island Business Award

Isle of Wight Chamber Awards Night

There are many stories of smugglers tunnels that go from the Manor to the coast, where many ships were wrecked and looted and another co incidence was a painting we have by Josephine Wall has a ship nearly identical called the Clarendon which was shipwrecked near us at St Catherine's bay.

Peter Andre

Peter Andre filming 'Here to Help'
at Enchanted Manor

The Former Windcliffe Manor has now been a hotel since 1962 and has had several owners, but now since we arrived the Enchanted manor has a warm welcoming feel that most other old manor houses don't have and there is always a happy atmosphere that most people pick up as soon as they walk through the door. We feel that it was fated that we ended up here and it seems to bring joy to nearly everyone that passes through our door.

Peter Andre